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2019 NFL UDFAs – Projection

I have made my picks while watching day 3 of the draft and am very happy with the outcome. The blog post in regards to that will be going online tomorrow. For now I just want to look at the guys I have left over from my process and who should be priorities to take as UDFAs.

The Players

Position Round
WR Jazz Ferguson, Jamal Custis
DE Jamal Davis, Kahzin Daniels
LB Gary Johnson
CB Derrek Thomas
RB Alex Barnes, James Williams


UDFAs that I picked

A quick preview to my article tomorrow, there are 2 guys who would have landed on the UDFA list that I ended up picking, and that is Tyree Jackson (QB) in the 5th round and Alec Ingold (FB) in the 7th.

I hugely overdrafted on Jackson when you look at it in relation to him becoming a free agent, but I have to say that I am extremely happy with my draft and Jackson has huge upside so a couple of years down the line I might be the one laughing.

Ingold comes from a wresteling family and wrestled himself as well, he is a blocking beast and just fits to what the Seahawks do in my opinion. He is a utility piece that I didn’t want to let slip into Free Agency.


The High Prio UDFAs

There are four guys left here who I would see as real priorities to sign, all for different reasons and all with the same level of urgency, so the order is simply like above.

Jazz Ferguson (WR)

  • height, weight, wingspan and arm length were all in the 94th-96th percentile.
  • relies on athletic gifts too much and his routes and speed do not match.
  • great potential to develop for the outside and the redzone.

Kahzin Daniels (DE)

  • blind in one eye, but plays so good that you won’t notice. More than a good story.
  • very good first step and can be slippery due to movement and instinctive hand work.
  • good rusher as well as run defender. Consistently terrorizing the backfield.

Derrek Thomas (CB)

  • height, wingspan, arm length and hands all 95th percentile or higher.
  • broad jump 94th percentile, vert 87th percentile, 40 73rd percentile. Fast and explosive for such a tall guy.
  • ideal developmental project for Carroll, with still a lot to learn.

Alex Barnes (RB)

  • I didn’t draft my 3rd down back, and here is my highest graded guy in free agency. Of course I will snap him up.
  • Good Receiver and can make YAC because he is hard to take down.
  • Patient gliding motions with plus movement in traffic that I really like.


Second tier UDFAs

That leaves a couple of guys who were on the perimeter of my draft analysis and might still have some interesting things for a Seahawks roster. Again, these guys are simply in the order from the table above.

Jamal Custis (WR)

  • has elite height, wingspan, arm length and hand size, the last of which is in the 99th percentile with 10 7/8”.
  • catches into his body too much – needs to trust his big hands.
  • Above the rim guy as a red zone threat.

Jamal Davis (DE)

  • 5th best EDGE 40, 2nd best EDGE vert, 4th best EDGE 3 cone.
  • good handsize, arm length and wingspan – all top 25% at position.
  • LB and DE experience, which could make him interesting for the LEO. Sometimes lacks urgency though.

Gary Johnson (LB)

  • great speed to the ball on the field – top end 40 at combine too.
  • could be more of a 3-4 OLB situational rusher.
  • interesting rusher, but not a guy for the Seahawks.

James Williams (RB)

  • electric and elusive with good hands.
  • Responds to tacklers rather than relying on the people around him to get him space.
  • undersized for the position.



UDFAgency is a bit like the wild west, because it is first come first served. Although the big upside is that the players can choose their destination. I think that my High Prio guys are all great matches for the team, and could imagine that especially Pete would be excited about such a long corner. I see the other guys as just as good at their respective positions though. Barnes is the biggest surprise for me because I didn’t think that he would fall that far. Kahzin Daniel is a great story, but also a great player. And Jazz Fergueson has the tools to put it together as a WR.

From my second tier only Jamal Davis is really interesting. If he played with top end urgency then he would have been in the top group. Custis also has potential from his athletic standpoint and may be worth looking at in training camp – has great red zone potential which you can never have enough of.

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