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2020 NFL Draft: Fantasy Team: Day 1 (Round 1): Analysis

Well that was fun! after a long night and then a good nights sleep I am back for day 2 of the draft, but first of all let’s have a look back at last night.


Largely you have to say that a lot of the picks in the draft went the way it was expected, with a coupl of exceptions:

  • Andrew Thomas [T] to the Giants, a lot of people thought that he was the weakest of the 4 top tackle prospects. Time will tell if this was the right choice.
  • CeeDee Lamb [WR] to the Cowboys, the only reason this makes the list is because everyone expected him to be gone by 17. The Cowboys must have been laughing.
  • Damon Arnette [CB] to the Raiders, of course LV had to make the list. Damon Arnette had a 2nd – 3rd round grade from a lot of analysts but the Raiders take him in the 1st. I was a big fan of him in pre-draft so I’m very happy for him.
  • Jalen Reagor [WR] to the Eagles, many people expected him in the second round or at least in the group of WRs after Jefferson.
  • Jordan Love [QB] to the Packers, they still have a QB who will be playing at the highest level for a couple of years so a lot of analysts were stunned that they didn’t get someone to help maximise the window of Rodgers. For me this makes perfect sense and the moved up to leapfrom the Seahawks who would have probably done a deal with the Colts.
  • Jordyn Brooks [LB] to the Seahawks, while a lot of TV analysts were surprised both with the position and the player, perhaps this was the best decision as I will look into below.

Seattle Seahawks

With the 27th pick of the 2020 NFL Draft the Seattle Seahawks select Jordyn Brooks, Linebacker out of Texas Tech

My first reaction was like “hmm…ok”. Some of the pundits are giving this pick the worst grade in the first round for several reasons:

The main reason, and also the one I think is the most ridiculous, is that the Seahawks need pass rush. Every team wants to improve their passrush (always), but were there any top guys available? NO. So why draft someone for a need if he is not the best available?

The second reason is that the Seahawks have Wagner and Wright. Yes they probably have one of the best LB duos in the NFL in 2020. BUT, after that Wright is a FA and Wagner is not getting younger either. At some point the Seahawks have to rejuvinate at the position and if this is their guy for it then go for it.

The final point is that the pick was a reach. Well, the Seahawks like to, and to their credit are not afraid to, “reach” for their guy. It is something that I completely appreciate and do in my fantasy draft too. I would rather reach for a guy I 100% believe in than either miss out on him and he makes it elsewhere or pick a guy who does not end up being good. At least if I believed in him and he does not make it then that is down to me alone rather than the pressures from outside.

Besides, following the trade I heard and read that he actually got some comps with Wagner. If that ends up being even close to right then they did everything right with this pick. Looking at his tape I like his long arms, tackling and the patience/burst with which he shoots gaps. After a bunch of so-so first round picks, this could end up being a gem.

My Team

The first thing to note is that I got all three of the guys I wanted before Day 1 began, so that’s a winner.

I was, however, really close to getting a top 10 prospect with my 18th pick. When San Francisco didn’t take a WR I thought that the chances might be good for me to get either Jeudy or Lamb. I was 100% certain that the Broncos would take one of the two, but then I was pretty certain that the Falcons and Cowboys would go D. When the Falcons did, I was on the edge of my seat, but at the same time I thought about the Cowboys franchise with the history of great WRs and my hopes weren’t too high. In the end they took Lamb and he has to be very happy with that.

That then started my picks:

4:21 // PICK 1.18 – with the 18th pick of the 2020 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Cesar Ruiz [C].

I got the no.1 inside player in the draft to give me a starting Center, which was so important. I am a big believer in the trenches being an important aspect of the game and he is a presence who has the positional flexibility to play Guard as well.

4:24 // PICK 1.19 – with the 19th pick of the 2020 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Jeremy Chinn [S/LB].

The thinking behind the Chinn pick was my equivalent of the Raider’s Arnette pick or maybe the Seahawk’s Brooks pick. A lot of people have a 2nd – 3rd Round Grade on him, but I see Chinn as an outstanding individual who could develop into a Pro-Bowl level talent. Instead of rolling the dice and missing out on him I got my guy.

4:51 // PICK 1.22 – with the 22nd pick of the 2020 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Isaiah Wilson [T].

No exciting prospect slipped and I decided against jumping for Trautman, with the Patriots on the clock 2 picks before me at 37 I hope that I don’t regret it. What I picked instead is a mammoth athletic tackle to complete my already athletic OL. The former wrestler will be my RT making the starting OL for 2020 look like this: Fant, Risner, Ruiz, Hernandez, Wilson. Besides Fant, it is a unit completely drafted by me.


Before the draft tonight I will do a brief overview of some DT and DE prospects and then a preview for Day 2!

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