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2020 NFL Draft: Fantasy Team: Day 1 (Round 1): Projection / Open Thread

So it is the last 90 minutes before the draft starts. I’m cutting it fine but I want to let you guys know what my plan is and how I’m going to do it.

Here my coverage so far:

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The Draft eligible players

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How will it work

This is relatively easy. Unlike the past years I am watching the draft live this year and what I will do is at the bottom of the day’s post (I will do a new one for Day 2 and Day 3) have an Open Thread for me to do an update each time I want to comment something or I am on the clock. That way I can do it all in realtime. To make this a little easier I have done all the trades in advance and I know the picks I will have in the Draft.


Day 1 Projection

That brings me to my projection. I have the picks 1.18, 1.19 and 1.22. My biggest need is the OL and the two guys I am focusing on are Cesar Ruiz (with pick 1.18) and Isaiah Wilson (with pick 1.22). Ruiz might be a big reach and may not go until the end of Day 1 or in the 2nd Round but I need him and I like him a lot. Isaiah Wilson is a 2nd Round talent for me, but so many Tackles are predicted to go Round 1 so I am happy taking him there. He has rare size and athleticism and if his development doesn’t go the way I want he could play at Guard.

Should Wilson not be available, my 1.b option for a T would be Josh Jones and my 1.c option would be Austin Jackson. HOWEVER, a lot could happen and someone exciting could be there for that no.22 pick, so I am leaving the door slightly open and not 100% set on Wilson yet.

Wedged in between those two picks I am picking my perhaps favorite player of the draft! Jeremy Chinn at 1.19. Wait what, I could probably get him in the 2nd or maybe even 3rd Round?! Maybe I could, but if someone else takes him in the first or before me in the 2nd I would really regret it so I am happy to overdraft on this guy.


OPEN THREAD…completed

1:30 // Countdown getting into the final stretch with 30 mins to go.

1:50 // Got to love this rendition of “Lean On Me” J Hud and the 4 other people.

2:01 // Let’s get this show on the road!

2:26 // Pick 1.1 – Joe Burrow [QB] to Cincinnati Bengals – no surprise there.

2:34 // Pick 1.2 – Chase Young [DE] to Washington Redskins – good choice, didn’t overthink it.

2:39 // Pick 1.3 – Jeff Okudah [CB] – Detroit Lions – I’m not so high on him but they need CB and probably believe he is the best in the draft.

2:48 // Pick 1.4 – Andrew Thomas [T] – NY Giants – WOW, I knew I was high on him but to see him go before Wirfs and Wills, good for him!

2:55 // Pick 1.5 – Tua Tangovaiola [QB] – Miami Dolphins – Tank for Tua has come full circle.

3:03 // Pick 1.6 – Justin Herbert [QB] – Los Angeles Chargers – I really like this match. Really good QB who is walking into a great situation

3:12 // Pick 1.7 – Derrick Brown [DT] – Carolina Panthers – I was so sure that they would go Simmons, Rhule has said that you build a D through speed. Of course you have to appreciate that Brown is a force of nature.

3:16 // Pick 1.8 – Isaiah Simmons [LB] – Arizona Cardinals – Well we will see a lot of Simmons because he is coming to the NFC West. I thought that the Cards would protect their young QB, but the draft is deep at the position and Simmons is an unusual talent who was expected to be gone by now. Add him to Budda Baker and Patrick Peterson in that 2nd Level and you have something exciting.

3:24 // Pick 1.9 – CJ Henderson [CB] – Jacksonville Jaguars – They have lost their CB tandem of 2 years ago and are rebuilding with a top player.

3:26 // Pick 1.10 – Jedrick Wills [T] – Cleveland Browns – They needed a tackle and got their guy. With Conklin added in FA they now have two bookend tackles.

3:36 // Pick 1.11 – Mekhi Becton [T] – NY Jets – Thought they would go WR because they currently have no WR1, but I guese they have their eyes on the depth of the class. In my Fantasy version they traded with me for Brown [T], but that doesn’t mean that this pick wouldn’t have made sense to make a nice 2 bookends.

3:40 // Pick 1.12 – Henry Ruggs [WR] – Las Vegas Raiders – True Mayock. Picking the 1 of the 3 WRs who 90% of the country did not expect. I was lower on Ruggs to begin with but he has elite speed in a really exceptional way.

3:50 // TRADE San Francisco 49ers -> Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pick 1.13 – Tristan Wirfs [T] – why they felt the need to trade up 1 spot I’m not 100% sure but they get the guy to protect Brady.

4:00 // TRADE Tampa Bay Buccaneers -> San Francisco 49ers Pick 1.14Javon Kinlaw [DT] – Makes sense, they replace Buckner.

4:05 // Pick 1.15 – Jerry Jeudy [WR] – Denver Broncos – Lock gets his WR1 to play inside while you have Sutton on the outside. Always thought their no.1 pick would go this way.

4:13 // Pick 1.16 – A.J. Terrell [CB] – Atlanta Falcons – makes sense for a team who has leaked DBs and needs to restock there.

4:20 // Pick 1.17 – CeeDee Lamb [WR] – Dallas Cowboys – sooo gutted. If he had dropped one more spot I could have had him. Not to worry, I can stick to my original plan.

4:21 // PICK 1.18 – with the 18th pick of the 2020 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Cesar Ruiz [C]. I get the no.1 inside player in the draft to give me a starting Center.

4:24 // PICK 1.19 – with the 19th pick of the 2020 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Jeremy Chinn [S/LB]. I draft my favorite player in the draft.

4:28 // Real Life Pick 1.18 – Austin Jackson [T] – Miami Dolphins

4:32 // Real Life Pick 1.19 – Damon Arnette [CB] – Las Vegas Raiders – This is such a good pick! I’m glad that I’m not the only one who sees his potential.

4:42 // Pick 1.20 – K’Lavon Chaisson [EDGE] – Jacksonville Jaguars – They need more people on their DL after free agency and with Ngakoue maybe going.

4:48 // Pick 1.21 – Jalen Raegor [WR] – Philadelphia Eagles – tough receiver who is explosive.

4:51 // PICK 1.22 – with the 22nd pick of the 2020 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Isaiah Wilson [T]. There is no-one super exciting who has slipped so I stick with my strategy and get a big explosive Tackle. I was tempted to go early on Trautman, but I think this is the better choice.

4:56 // Real Life Pick 1.22 – Justin Jefferson [WR] – Minnesota Vikings

5:02 // TRADE New England Patriots -> Los Angeles Chargers Pick 1.23 – Kenneth Murray [LB] – Love this kid. I predicted him to go here but to the Patriots, right player, wrong team.

5:10 // Pick 1.24 – Cesar Ruiz [C] – New Orleans Saints – Good job that I did not let him slip into the 2nd round. Saints get a great player.

5:17 // TRADE Minnesota Vikings -> San Francisco 49ers Pick 1.25 – Brandon Aiyuk [WR] – Seems a bit of a reach to me, but the 49ers needed a replacement for Sanders.

5:26 // TRADE Miami Dolphins -> Green Bay Packers Pick 1.26 – Jordan Love [QB] – interesting. Rodgers is the same age as Brett Farve was when Rodgers was drafter 24th to replace him.

5:36 // Pick 1.27 – Jordyn Brooks [LB] – Seattle Seahawks – LB to come in an compete to replace KJ Wright if he doesn’t stay beyond 2020.

5:43 // Pick 1.28 – Patrick Queen [LB] – Baltimore Ravens – Of course they add to their D. they are going to be a good team again 2020.

5:50 // Pick 1.29 – Isaiah Wilson [T] – Tennessee Titans – There we go, my T also goes in the 1st round and will replace Conklin.

5:59 // Pick 1.30 – Noah Igbinoghene [CB] – Miami Dolphins – Very surprised, did not see this coming.

6:03 // Pick 1.31 – Jeff Gladney [CB] – Minnesota Vikings – They needed DB so filling those needs.

6:11 // Pick 1.32 – Clyde Edwards-Helaire [RB] – Kansas City Chiefs – They were going to go RB and have gone with the most versatile.


That’s a wrap for this evening. I’m off to bed and will back tomorrow, to do a recap as well as Day 2.

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