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2020 NFL Draft: Fantasy Team: Pre Draft Summary

Hello everyone. In this article I will be giving you a summary of the pieces I have published so far, a final update for the picks I will be holding in the draft as well as an overview of my favorite players at each position and my plan.

The countdown has begun, so here a quick summary of all of the content I have uploaded thus far:

My Team

Pre-draft Analysis [Part 1] 2019 Season Recap

Pre-Draft Analysis [Part 2] Needs

Pre-Draft Analysis [Part 2] Free Agency, Trades and Current Roster

The Draft eligible players

Positional Preview: Offense: Quarterback

Positional Preview: Offense: Runningback

Positional Preview: Offense: Wide Receiver

Positional Preview: Offense: Tight End

Positional Preview: Offense: O Linemen

Positional Preview: Defense: Cornerback

Positional Preview: Defense: Safety

Positional Preview: Defense: Linebacker

As you can see I am yet to do my DT and DE articles, but for my fantasy team there is noone I want to draft in the first round, so that does not have priority for now. To be completely honest my DT and DE units are so strong that I do not see much of a need to add there at all.


Final update on my picks

I went over my trade downs again and have revised them one final time, including a couple more added on day 2.


Day 1

LAC 1.6 + 2.37 + 3.71 for 1.4

JAX 1.9 + 1.20 for 1.6 + 2.48

LV 1.12 + 1.19 for 1.9 + 2.37

DEN 1.15 + 2.46 for 1.12

DOL 1.18 + 2.39 for 1.15

MIN 1.22 + 2.58 for 1.20

IND 2.34 + 2.44 + 4.122 for 1.27 + 2.46

Day 2

TB 2.45 + 3.76 for 2.34

CIN 3.65 + 4.107 for 2.58

ATL 4.119 + 4.134 for 3.101


These are the picks that I will be working with for the 2020 NFL Draft:

Day 1

Round 1: 18, 19, 22

Day 2

Round 2: 39, 44, 45

Round 3: 65, 69, 71, 76, 91

Day 3

Round 4: 107, 119, 122, 133, 134, 144

Round 5: 163

Round 6: 215

Round 7: 241


My Target Players

Please note that this might not be the best at every position, but those who I will be trying to acquire through this process.


Draft: N/A

There is noone I am really targeting in the draft at this position.

Draft Option: Jordan Love

If Jordan Love drops to the mid 40s then I will draft him for my QB competition. I rated Lock as more pro-ready last year and he dropped to the beginning of the 2nd round so it is possible.

UDFA: Anthony Gordon, Mason Fine

I want to pick up some competition for camp, above are my top 2 options with Steven Montez and Josh Love as alternates.


Draft: Zack Moss, Sewo Olonilua, JaMycal Hasty

This is a deep RB class. It might be a group to wait on. 2nd-3rd round is when I will draft my first guy in Moss. The other two can be late round picks.

Draft Option: JK Dobbins, Antonio Gibson, AJ Dillon, Lamical Perine

Dobbins was my favorite back for a long time, with the quality in depth I’m not sure whether it is worth investing in him though. Dillon, Gibson and Perine are all alternates if Moss or Olonilua aren’t available.

UDFA: Adrian Killins, Reggie Corbin, Malcom Perry, Jason Huntley

Depending on how the draft plays out I might be able to get a bunch of these guys into camp, otherwise I would consider drafting Killins, Corbin or Perry.


Draft: Antonio Gandy-Golden

I have a slot guy and I have Hopkins who can line up everywhere. Gandy-Golden is my primary outside option. Looking to draft him in the 3rd.

Draft Option: Laviska Shenault Jr., Van Jefferson, Lynn Bowden Jr, James Proche, Freddie Swain

The first two are guys who I would really like to have, but I have other priorities in the draft. If things fall right or I have an opening I will try to target them Bowden is a guy who might be there in the 3rd or slip to the 4th. Proche and Swain could be interesting from the 4th onwards.

UDFA: Kalija Lipscomb, Isaiah Coulter

Two really interesting guys who may well be drafted so they might not become UDFAs.


Draft: Adam Trautman, Cheyenne O’Grady, Joey Magnifico

Trautman is one of my top targets in the draft and I will try to get him early in the 2nd. Cheyenne O’Grady is a wildcard and could be absolutely boom or bust. If he drops to the 5th or 6th I might be interested in taking a chance. Maybe even in the 4th. Magnifico is one of my favourite TEs in this draft. I might pull the trigger in the late rounds.

Draft Option: Colby Parkinson, Josiah Deguara, Dalton Keene

Parkinson is an alternative to O’Grady or Magnifico, but might be gone in the 4th.  Geguara and Keene might be available later and are therefore my more realistic backups.


I don’t think that any of them will go undrafted. If they do they are automatically priority guys for me.


Draft: Cesar Ruiz (C), Nick Harris (C), Kyle Hinton (G), Isaiah Wilson (T), Robert Hunt (G/T), Matt Peart (T)

This is the group that I need to nail the most with the biggest weaknesses on my roster. I will be addressing it in the 1st round with Ruiz and Wilson. Then in the 2nd-3rd with Hunt and Peart. Then early on day 3 I will get a develomental player in Hinton.

Draft Option: Ben Bredeson (G), Hakeem Adeniji (G), Josh Jones (T), Alex Taylor (T)

Bredeson and Adeniji are my backups for Hunt. Josh Jones is the backup option for Isaiah Wilson and Alex Taylor would be an option if I do not get Hunt or Peart. However, Taylor would not be picked until day 3.

UDFA: Tyre Phillips (G), Simon Stepaniak (G)

These guys might be interesting to pick up as UDFAs for camp.


Draft: Amik Robertson, Harrison Hand, Madre Harper

Robertson would be a great nickle in the 3rd or 4th round. Hand and Harper early day 3 picks to add depth to my defense.

Draft Option: Damon Arnette Jr

If Arnette drops to the 3rd round I will seriously have to consider drafting him because I really like him.

UDFA: Stantley Thomas-Oliver, Bopete Keyes

Athletic CBs who could be interesting if they are not drafted.


Draft: Jeremy Chinn, Tanner Muse

I think that Chinn is an outstanding Talent and I am happy to overdraft him and take him in the 1st. Muse is seen as a potential LB conversion and I really like him. Probably an early Day 3 pick.

Draft Option: Ashtyn Davis, Kyle Dugger, Josh Metellus

Davis is my option for Amik Robertson. Kyle Dugger is someone I would have to consider if he starts to slip to the end of the 3rd. Metellus is someone I would like to pick up if there is an open spot.

UDFA: JR Reed, L’Jarius Sneed

I really like these two and I actually think they should get drafted, but if they don’t I would pick them up.


Draft: N/A

I would like to add a LB, but the level just isn’t where I would like it to be. If a guy lands in the right spot then maybe.

Draft Option: Davion Taylor, Troy Dye

Davion Taylor is a supreme athlete who has overcome hardship to play, but he is super raw. If he slips in day 3 then I would go for it. Troy Dye on the other hand has weight issues, a lot of the other aspects make him a great pick, but again I am in a good spot so unless he slips into the 4th or 5th I don’t have to take him.

UDFA: Justin Strnad

I do not think that Strnad will go undrafted, but this is just to highlight that he is the back up to the backup options.


The Plan

The plan is to invest heavily and early in the OL as well as picking up Chinn in the first and Trautman in the 2nd. Hopefully I can address both the Center and Tackle position in Round 1 with a starter.

Besides Trautman Round 2 and 3 is to finish getting the O Linemen I want. I also think that in these rounds (and with Round 4) there could be some great players who slide so I am not nailing myself down on what I want to pick. Ideally I do want to address the Offensive skill positions though with a RB1 and WR2/3, and as mentioned Trautman as a TE1/2.

Day 3 I want to start by looking who has slipped. Following that I will fill out the depth at RB and look at some more defensive playmakers. The aim is also to fill out the depth of my roster.


In my next post I will do a quick 1st round preview and go into more detail who I want to draft and where.

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