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2020 NFL Draft: Fantasy Team: Quaterbacks

Ok so I got my starting QB in last years draft and thank god for that, because in my opinion the selection this year is not great.

The only guy who I could have imagined drafting this year is Jordan Love, but the question is whether he represents enough draft value and upside where he will be picked. I think he will go in the first round and to spend a higher pick that on Lock last year does not make sense to me. If he falls into the 2nd or 3rd Round then I might be tempted to double up and increase the competition.

As it stands, however, I think he will go in the first round and I will pick up a couple of UDFAs to compete in camp.

Here are the top 5, where I think they will go and to what team:

Joe Burrow; pick 1 – 3; Bengals, Dolphins, Redskins

Tua Tagovaiola; pick 1 – 6; Dolphins, Chargers, Redskins, Bengals

Justin Herbert; pick 2 – 6; Dolphins, Chargers

Jordan Love; pick 4 – 24; Chargers, Saints, Patriots, Raiders , Jaguars

Jalen Hurts; pick 19 – 2nd Round; Raiders

Jacob Eason and Jake Fromm are two more names kicking around, but I did not give them a first round grade, with Hurts barely making it.

Teir 1

If he had been fully healthy, I think the clear QB1 in this draft would have been Tua Tagovaiola. He does seem to have come back well, and because of that I do not believe that he will make it out of the top 6, although I believe that top 3 is more likely. He brings leadership, arm talent and the mobility expected of an elite QB in today’s NFL.

The most likely guy to take the no.1 spot, at the moment, is Joe Burrow. Following an outstanding championship season he deserves the right to be expected to be that first pick. He is more of a pocket passer with good touch on the ball and also seems to have good leadership skills. He reminds me more of a Tom Brady type and I don’t like that type of QB. If he doesn’t go with the first pick then I can’t wait to see what happens.

The only other starting calibre QB in this draft is Justin Herbert from Oregon. He has great composure in the pocket and can lead a team. Has the stature of a classic QB, but can move too. I believe that he will be taken between pick 2 and 6. Overall I prefer him to Burrow but he just doesn’t get the preps.

Teir 2

In the top 10 you have at least 3 teams who are clearly looking for a QB in the Bengals, Dolphins and Chargers. Later on in the first round or second you have a couple of teams who might be looking at more of a developmental QB, which is where I would place Jordan Love and Jalen Hurts. I could see Love with the Colts or Patriots and Hurts, for me would be a good character fit in Las Vagas.


In an ideal scenario I would bring a couple of these guys as UDFAs. Ideally Gordon, Fine and Love, but any 2 out of those 3 would be ok as well. Montez is more of a backup option.

Anthony Gordon – 5th round – UDFA

Baseball background and can throw with a bunch of different arm angles. Might go in the later rounds of Day 3 though and I would not spend a pick on him. He is therefore only an option as an UDFA.

Steven Montez – 6th/7th round – UDFA

Similarly to Gordon I feel like he will go in the later rounds of Day 3. I have to say that as the process has progressed I have become less and less sure about him. Especially when I was then watching interviews as well, he just does not seem like a guy who can lead a team. UDFA only for me.

Josh Love – 7th round – UDFA

Combine snub. Could be a great prospect in a scheme which focuses on short to medium length throws (where he was well above average in college; good match for Lock), but is willing to take the top off and can do it. Doesn’t need help from the sideline either. The only downside is that he is mainly a pocket passer. If I can pick him up as an UDFA that would be amazing, might look at him in the 7th round though.

Mason Fine – 7th round – UDFA

Small school kid with a great arm and touch on deep throws, good movement outside the pocket too. He is a guy who I might actually consider going for in the 7th, but ideally I only want to get a QB as an UDFA.


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