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2020 NFL Draft: Fantasy Team: Tight End

One of the most important groups for me to build up is my receiving corps. I currently only have one TE in Sternberger (might dip into FA later in the process). Regardless of me needing receiving TEs, my guys need to block as well. This TE class is extremely underwhelming, but there are a couple of good utility players to be had in the later rounds and one guy who is my absolute favorite.


Complete Tight Ends

Adam Trautman – 2nd – 3rd Round

As is the case every year, those TEs who are regarded as the “top talent” are more pass catchers than anything else. That is pretty good for me, because it means that the sweet spot for my top talent is around the 2nd – 3rd round.

That guy is Adam Trautman. He has a background as a QB, high football IQ and is a decent route runner. On top of that he can block ok and had a 3 cone in the 96th percentile, making him ideal for short to mid routes, which are the areas my QB excels in.

Cheyenne O’Grady – 4th – 6th Round

I am very torn about him. On the positive side he is a plus pass catcher whose QB relied on him on 3rd downs. He will battle through tackles and make extra yardage and is an average blocker. What worries me is his character: DWI arrest in college, which he left through a mutual agreement before the end of the season. Nonetheless he is the all time TD leader of Arkansas among TEs, before the likes of Hunter Henry. He seems like a high risk, high potential player.

Joey Magnifico – 5th – 7th Round

Best name ever and can do it all. Receive out of the slot and out wide (soft hands), block (on the line and in space) will use chip blocks well to disguise his route.

Receiving Tight Ends

Colby Parkinson – 4th – 6th Round

Colby Parkinson is tall. Was utilised in the end zone and out wide, he is a real “big WR”. His blocking is sub par, but what he can do in the receiving department makes up for it. I also believe that the fact that he will be around on day 3 makes him a bargain.

Stephen Sullivan – 3rd – UDFA

Stephen Sullivan is a raw, explosive WR who is too big and has therefore been moved to TE. 98th percentile arm length, 91st percentile broad jump and 86th percentile vertical jump. He is the kind of guy who you pick up on day 3 or if you are lucky as an UDFA, but I think that he won’t last that long due to his measurables. One big downside which I have heard (although I do not know how true it is), is that he is not good with the playbook and really struggles there. That makes predicting his landing very difficult, I think round 5 or 6 is fair.

HB / FB Tight Ends

Josiah Deguara – 4th – 6th Round

Josiah Deguara could be a pass catching HB at the next level. He reminds me a bit of a Luke Wilson type and his hard-nosed demeanour, run blocking but non-elite pass catching should make him a solid contributor, at least as a rotational player.

Thaddeus Moss – 4th – 7th Round

Thaddeus Moss is more of a blocker with useable catching ability, plus his name and lineage is going to get him more attention than your usual guy. Could be worth picking up as an UDFA if he lasts that long.

Dalton Keene – 5th – 7th Round

Dalton Keene is a guy who can be a special teamer and HB / FB with plus hands. He has a little bit of a smaller frame, but makes up for it in effort, is a solid and willing blocker and is the type of guy the sideline galvanises around. Good at leaking out of coverage to catch.


Trautman and Magnifico are my two favorites to pick up. All of the others could be an option at the appropriate time. Especially O’Grady on day 3 could end up being an absolute steal.

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