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2020 NFL Draft: My Fantasy Team: Needs/ Picks

So, after looking at the performance and what I might need, here is a first look at what developments I am taking or might consider following the draft or leading up to the 2020 season:


Not renewed players Geno Smith, Germain Ifedi, Jarran Reed

Cut players Ed Dickson, DJ Fluker, Justin Britt, Bradley McDougald

FAs / whose resigning depends on the draft Jacob Hollister, Luke Willson

Players whose cut depends on the draft Jon Ryan

Depends on the Player Status 2020 Marshawn Lynch

Could end up on PS John Kelly, Quadree Henderson, Kahzin Daniels, Ade Aruna, Naz Jones, Pita Taumoepenu

Might not be in NFL 2020 / PS Alex Barnes, Jazz Ferguson, Derrek Thomas, Kyle Queiro

Extended George Fant, Joey Hunt, Quinton Jefferson

Added Free Agents Kenyan Drake, Joe Thuney


Here is the detailed runthrough:



Quaterback (3)

Drew Lock, Tyree Jackson, Geno Smith, +draft

Drew Lock is clearly my QB1 in 2020. I think that he proved that with development he has the ability to be a real quality starter in the league. Due to his age and because I don’t like putting all of my eggs in one basket, I will draft a QB2 for 2020 if the appropriate player is available. I believe that it is always good investing in the appropriate QB talent, because at best he is better than what you have and at worst they push your current QB1 to keep them on their toes. Tyree Jackson becomes QB3 and Geno Smith is not resigned.

Running back (4)

Chris Carson, Marshawn Lynch, John Kelly, Alex Barnes, +draft and FA {Kenyan Drake}

This group has more questionmarks than it should. Carson because of injury and expiring contract. Lynch because you never know if he will even play. Kelly because he is not getting any play time for the Rams and Barnes because is a FA and we don’t know if he will have a team next season.

I have marked Kelly and Barnes as orange because depending on their situation they will either make the squad or my practice squad. Lynch is orange because we don’t know if he will choose to play from the beginning of the season.

That means that I need to add through the draft, but also want a reliable player to make a 1-2 punch with Carson. A player who I believe was underutilized when he was playing at Miami, and then showed why last year for the Cardinals is Kenyan Drake. He becomes my first FA addition.

Fullback (1)

Alec Ingold

Played a solid rookie season, no need to change anything here.

Tight End (3)

Jace Sternberger, Jacob Hollister, Luke Willson, Ed Dickson, +draft

I want to build my squad with a lot of short area receiving strength because that is where Lock excelled in his 5 games so far. That is why developing a strong receiving corps at TE is essential. I need guys who can block as well as receive, but a receiving specialist may also be good to add to the group.

Sternberger has his spot safe. Similarly Dickson is out to save on cap space and because he hardly plays. I am aiming on getting 2 decent TE options in the draft. Depending on if I get 1 or 2 TEs and the receiver group it is possible that Hollister and Willson make it into the squad, but equally that both don’t. If I can keep only 1 it will probably be Hollister.

Wide Receiver (5)

Hunter Renfrow, David Moore, Cody Thompson, Jazz Ferguson, Quadree Henderson, +draft

The situation of Ferguson and Henderson here is directly relatable to the one with Barnes and Kelly at RB. Depending on where they at the start of the season depends on whether they make my squad. However, it also depends on who I get in the draft. Ideally I want to have 4-5 WRs depending on what TEs I can get. In Renfrow and Thompson I have two slot guys and in Moore I have an outside guy. I want to add another outside receiver and a speed demon who can take the top off. Those are generally what Ferguson and Henderson are, but I want to improve on their profiles and find two starters.

The outside guy could also come from a TE profile and the speedster could also be a RB.

Tackle (3)

Duane Brown, George Fant, Germain Ifedi, +draft 

Fant needs to be retained as the starter for the right side opposite Brown. Not only would that mean that I don’t need to focus on tackle in the draft (there are other areas of need on the OL), but would also keep a bit of continuity. Ifedi can go.

I would draft a high-upside developmental prospect in the late rounds or if a Tackle falls in the draft who I really like I would take someone as early as the second round.

Guard (4)

Dalton Risner, Will Hernandez, Phil Haynes, DJ Fluker, +draft and FA {Joe Thuney}

I want to keep improving my OLine because I believe that it is one of the most essential components of an offense. I want my OLine to be at a level where Fluker is not even a backup option. For that reason I am going to invest heavily. By cutting Fluker, Britt and Dickson I free up enough cap space to add New England Guard and FA Joe Thuney, a top 5 Guard in the League.

This allows me to fully utilize Risner’s versatility to act as a backup tackle and center if needs be, with two other quality guards on the roster in Hernandez and Haynes. For reference, Risner played tackle at an elite level in college and also has experience at center as well as NFL level experience at guard. I am planning him in at guard but I have him there in case of injury.

Center (2)

Joey Hunt, Justin Britt, +draft

So as I have mentioned above that Britt is gone, and his salary cap goes about 2/3 of the way to paying for Thuney who is elite. The question really becomes what to do with Joey Hunt. That question can’t be answered until I have assessed the talents at center this year. If there is a guy who is ready to go, then Hunt is out and I have a new starter, with Risner as back up if needs be. If I think the guy I choose is a bit too rough I might hang on to Hunt. What I have to do though is resign Hunt first to make sure that if I do not get a C in the draft I have a player at least.



Defensive End (5)

Frank Clark, Genard Avery, Brian Burns, Kahzin Daniels, Ade Aruna, +draft

In Clark, Avery and Burns I have a strong starting core, which is supplemented through the next group. Ade Aruna could leave in the off season if I get a suitable DE in the draft. Daniels will likely end up on my PS.


DE/DT Hybrid (2)

Quinton Jefferson, Naz Jones, +draft

Resign Jefferson! The price:return ratio should be ideal. Naz Jones is a fantastic depth option and the only reason he is marked orange is because he is on the verge. I need people who will perform at the highest level, if there are too many exciting new talents he may be moved down to the PS. I will either add a player with this profile or a pure DE, preferably the latter.

Defensive Tackle (5)

Poona Ford, Maurice Hurst, Khalen Saunders, Trysten Hill, Jarran Reed

I have my inside duo with Ford and Hurst. Saunders and Hill are the rotation, with Jefferson and Jones able to help out too. That makes DT one of my smallest needs on the squad. The only way I will draft someone on Day 1 or 2 is if an incredible talent falls. Day 3 or UDFA seem a more likely option, going into the next season with 4 guys is also realistic.

DE/LB Hybrid (2)

Shaquem Griffin, Jamal Davis II

Hard to assess what to do with these two because they both saw limited snaps. However, I believe that they have the ability to develop into top players and will keep them on the team. No need to add here in the draft, if I pick up 2 DEs then I might actually move Burns over to this group, because he has the speed to be both a DE and come from a wider LB position.

Linebacker (3)

Bobby Wagner, KJ Wright, Ben Burr-Kirven, Pita Taumoepenu, +draft

In terms of my system I do not plan to play with 3 LBs, relying more heavily on nickle and dime packages. Especially my safety group is outstanding. Therefore there are only 2 LB spots to cover.

Wagner and Wright are my starters for sure. BBK is my first depth and Taumoepenu will probably end up on the PS. That means that I need another player for the center, especially with this potentially being Wright’s last season – as good as he is, he is not getting younger.

Cornerback (4)

Shaquill Griffin, Levi Wallace, Holton Hill, Derrek Thomas, +draft

I really like Griffin and Wallace as my starters and Hill is a high upside, but volatile, backup. With Thomas seemingly out of American Football and into modelling I definitely need to fill the gap with a 4th outside CB. I have Moreland as my nickle, but I don’t like having the smaller guys on the perimeter so that is a definite need.

Nickle (1)

Jimmy Moreland

Moreland will only see situational time to give the 3rd safety a rest, but that is fine, because he is a talent who can do with some development. I won’t add anybody here, because that would just be a waste of a roster spot.

Free Safety (2)

Quandre Diggs, +draft

With Diggs, Baker and CDJ through the center I have a bunch of leaders there who can have a long term impact. Depth-wise I don’t really need anyone either, but if a rough talent comes along in the later rounds who has the ability to play a deep safety role and cover the field, that could be a great addition to round off this group.

Dime/Slot (4)

Budda Baker, Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, Sheldrick Redwine, Kyle Queiro, Bradley McDougald

The fact that Moreland got injured isn’t so important, because I would set up my defense in a way that leaves Diggs covering the deep of the field with Baker and CDJ interchangeable as the SS and Slot. You could even rotate all three because they have all played SS and FS. Mostly, however, I would have Baker as my SS and CDJ as my slot.

Queiro is more of a SS relief, while Redwine is more of a slot and could also cover FS. McDougald has to go, because I have such a strong crop of young guys that his 4mil in cap space would be invested in Drake at the RB position where I am a little light.


Special Teams

Kicker (1)

Jason Myers

Has his spot relatively safe unless I fall in love with someone in the draft.

Punter (1)

Jon Ryan, +draft

As mentioned before I will try to move on from Ryan and get a young, talented guy. I have my eyes on a couple of guys who could fit the bill.

Long Snapper (1)

Tyler Ott

If it aint broke don’t fix it.


Pick Projection

The following 9 picks will be available to me this season:

1.4 (Rusell Wilson trade), 1.27


3rd (Houston, no Clowney trade), 3rd (Earl Thomas Comp pick)

4th, 4th (Justin Coleman Comp pick)

5th (from Pittsburgh for Vannett)

6th (Shamar Stephen comp pick)

The first surprise may be the green no.4 pick. Last season I decided to trade Wilson and keep Frank Clark, this pick was part of that trade with the Giants. It is fair to say that the Giants would have probably done better with Wilson as their QB, but the Seahawks may have done worse with a rookie QB, so the picks should balance out.

The other difference is only 1x 2nd round pick because with my fantasy team the Clark trade never happened. Therefore this pick can be disregarded. I do have an extra 3rd round pick because I didn’t have a trade for Clowney.

I assume that I will definitely try and trade my picks, but it really depends on where my talent evaluation lands and who I decide should go where.

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