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2020 NFL Draft: Fantasy Team: Running Back

Having made the trade for Hopkins I now no longer have Carson as my lead back. I have two backs who could end up on the PS or not on the roster at all in 2020 in John Kelly and Alex Barnes, but I have resigned powerhouse Marshawn Lynch and I also have FB Alec Ingold.

Luckily for me (and yes I knew this before I made the trade) this draft is full of really exciting RBs, with great guys being pushed into round 2 because of the high talent density at the top and no teams having too big of a need at RB.

Add to that the fact that Day 3 is loaded with RBs that I like and I think I am in a very good position. There might even be some good UDFA pickups.

Teir 1

D’Andre Swift – 1st – 2nd round

Regarded by many to be the first RB off the board, he might be the only RB to go in the first round. For me he does not seem special enough to reach that high. I think that there are RBs with skill sets that I covet more.

Jonathan Taylor – 1st – 2nd round

Taylor is a tough runner with a lot of mileage and I actually prefer him to Swift. Has better hands than expected and could be an immediate impact player, but the question is how long he lasts. Plays between the tackles and tacklers tend to slide off him. Track experience as a 100m runner. Fumbled 18 times in 41 games which is a huge red flag for me. Did put up a ridiculous 40 time though while not being the lightest guy (good combo). If a team falls in love with the size/speed combo and thinks the fumbles can be solved he might be their guy.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire 1st – 2nd round

CEH is a small compact back who can be used in the passing game as well. Small cannonball who can change pace quickly. Not the type of back I am looking for, for my team, especially because he would struggle on early downs between the tackles. If you get him into just a bit of space though, he can create for himself and cause major damage both on the ground and through the air. I could see him being a good fit for what the Saints do, if they decide to draft in that direction with Kamara going into a contract year.

JK Dobbins 1st – 2nd round

Of the 4 RBs, which are classed as the top backs in this draft, Dobbins is my favorite. First of all he makes his presence felt at the LOS, running between the tackles with good contact balance. Once he gets into the second level you can see him use his superior vision to not just cut, but he really seems to read people to find creases where others might not and also to set people up. His speed is deceptive, with people not being able to catch him. He also has good hands as an outlet or check down. High work ethic guy, but one thing I would not rely on him for is pass-pro. Picked up a bit of an ankle injury in the Fiesta Bowl, which he played through, but is the reason why he did not compete at the combine. I hope this lets him drop to the 2nd round (maybe even into the 3rd, although I won’t wait that long). Strives for greatness.

Teir 2

Cam Akers – 2nd – 3rd Round

Average at best in pass pro. Fumbling is a concern. His hands are adequate, but he is certainly no CMC. He played behind a terrible OL at Florida and his QB wasn’t exactly Joe Burrow. That negates the amount of big plays he was able to make. He always falls forward and is a powerful runner with plus fluidity and I believe that he has more upside than what you saw on tape. One thing I absolutely love is his footwork, lower body strength and his physical build for a RB. I think that the main concerns I have stem from the play around him and keeping the ball in his hands – NFL defenders will rake at that ball to force the issue.

Zack Moss 2nd – 3rd Round

Runs hard with plus contact balance. Can work through traffic and has some breakaway speed. Works with a really good spin move to get extra yardage. Good hands makes him a decent receiver too. Willing blocker. Patience to find 2nd and 3rd gap. Great change of direction and works the angles really well. Does not have the speed in space but very good contact balance, especially for a big guy.

Antonio Gibson – 3rd Round

Did his combine workout with the WRs, but with his 228 / 6-0 body I see him more as a RB/WR hybrid. His good hands could make him a weapon if he takes on that role. He plays a lot through the slot but has the thighs, balance and speed to break tackles. Unfortunately haven’t seen him work between the tackles. Add to that his award for special teams player of the year 2019 and you have a very exciting package who could easily go in the 3rd.

Teir 3

AJ Dillon – 3rd – 4th Round

With Carson gone I need a power guy to grind out the early downs in traditional Seahawks style. That is what Dillon’s game is. He is more fluid than fast, but quite athletic for such a big runner, scoring in the 96th and 97th percentile for the Vert- and Broad-Jumps. Arm tackles will fly off him and he does have some juice on the second level. Add to that the fact that he could be an outstanding blocker, both in the pocket and in space. He is quite an exciting prospect in an understated way.

La’mical Perine – 3rd – 4th Round

I really liked him in the senior bowl, all the way through the combine and watching his tape as well. Against a very strong LSU defense he managed 65 yards on 17 carries and 12 yards (1 TD) on 2 receptions. Stays on his feet and works, even if the yardage isn’t there, through the initial contact. Willing blocker. Could see him as a backup guy, typical RB2. To go with that he has good vision and a quick cut and has experience as a core special teamer. Decent hands too which are big (97th percentile for RBs).

Sewo Olonilua – 3rd – 5th round

Big bruising back: 6-2 230lbs. He is also a bit of an athletic freak (height, weight, hand size all over the 90th percentile; Benchpress, broadjump and arm length above the 80th percentile; vertical jump at the 70th percentile). Power could be useful for a short area, between the tackle pounder in the NFL. His 40 was underwhelming, but you see him move on the game tape and the way he runs through people is going to get the sideline going. Has decent hands too. Additionally he has special teams value. Has the physical traits to be a between the tackles player but splits wide quite often. One worrying attribute might be that he has a bit of a fumbling issue and is not proficient in pass-pro. Clean hands as well. Still, some teams might fall in love with the whole package and take him as early as the 3rd round, more likely however is the 4th or lower. Could end up being a steal as the next Chris Carson if he falls to the late rounds.

Teir 4

Adrian Killins – 5th Round – UDFA

Can catch the ball, elite speed, excellent vision, especially in the open field to get past LBs, Safeties and Corners to make it a home run. Good balance through tackles. Size is the biggest concern: 5-7 3/8 162 pounds, for reference that’s the same height as Edwards-Helaire, but 40 pounds lighter. Even Darren Sproles, who makes an interesting comp was 20 pounds heavier. Willing blocker. Patient runner, can make himself small into gaps. Gunner on punt and returner. Similar size hight weight to Hollywood Brown. Can work out the slot. Listened to an interview with him and he seems to really have his head screwed on. I really like him and hope that I can pick him up in the late rounds or as an UDFA.

JaMycal Hasty – 5th Round – UDFA

Lets start off with the injury concerns that make him a difficult pick. Then, however, we consider that he has good hands, good blocking and can make people miss in a phone booth and he becomes and exciting day 3 or UDFA prospect. Low centre of gravity when running. Long arms for his height. Not fast but smooth. His running style has something reminiscent of Marshawn Lynch.

Javon Leake – 5th Round – UDFA

Fast player, but played a lot less than McFarland his teammate (also means less wear), made plays as a returner, thinner in the base which could be worrying. Slightly taller and heavier than McFaland, but weight is not so well distributed into the legs. Has some good balance through contact.

Reggie Corbin – 6th Round – UDFA

Afterburners once he gets through the line. Willing and not a bad blocker, good chip blocks. Runs more between the tackles than Killins for example. Rugby background. Not as elite at setting people up in the secondary as Killins, but tougher through contact. Plays more direct with a thicker lower body. Size: 5-8 1/8, 199lbs 4.49 40. Can cut through people.

Malcom Perry – 7th Round – UDFA

Perry is a Navy QB, who ran the ball more than he threw it to great success. His cuts to get into space are really nice and he showed at the combine that he can catch the ball as well. He worked out as a WR, but I could see him more as a RB. That will allow him to utilize his good hands but even more so his outstanding elusiveness.

Jason Huntley – 7th Round – UDFA

Huntley has great speed and wriggle, which cannot be taught and with the right coaching could translate to the next level. Gadget player who is likely to be an UDFA, but someone might give him a shot. Comparable in size and speed to Killins, backup version of him.



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