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2020 NFL Draft: Fantasy Team: Cornerback

The defensive side of the ball for my team is very strong, especially my secondary. At the Cornerback position, 4 of my 6 players will be out of a contract after this year and one more guy might not even be playing 2020. That would leave me with arguably my 5th best corner who is more of a nickle than a proper out wide corner. While I am hoping to extend at least a couple of the contracts, it would be good to add to the group just in case.

As always you will find my top prospects below:

Tier 1

Damon Arnette Jr – 2nd Round

While I believe one of the the Ohio CBs is very overrated (Okudah), I really like what I see in Arnette’s play. Athletic and technical corner with excellent feet. Has great instincts which will translate to the pros. Press corner, perfect for Seattle’s system. The only problems could be in run support. Add to that the fact that his personality is said to be a bit hard to manage at times (throwback corner) and that leaves me hoping he will drop to the 3rd round where I would happily draft him.

Tier 2

Amik Robertson – 3rd – 4th Round

Feisty competitor at all levels of the route. Will have to move inside on the next level because he is too small for the island. That might hurt his stock and drop him into the 4th round. Just the kind of player who I like to have in my secondary though. High energy and tough as nails.

Harrison Hand – 3rd – 5th Round

Tough corner with good long speed, fluid and a ball hawk. Good tackler and would be a great addition to my secondary. Was probably my favorite corner at the combine. Absolutely explosive in the broad and vert where he tested in the 95th and 96th percentile respectively. I think he could be a late day 2 or early day 3 pick.

Madre Harper – 3rd – 6th Round

He has elite athleticism and size, he looks long on tape as well. Good tackler. I think he will get more attention than he usually would because he played on a defense with Chinn who is rightly getting first round hype. Has all the natural gifts to be a successful CB in the Seahawks scheme, only problem could be that athletic corners are a premium. I hope that he will drop, at least, to the 4th round similarly to Derrek Thomas last year who was also a freak athlete but went completely undrafted.

Tier 3

Stantley Thomas-Oliver – 6th Round

Explosive player out the backfield. Feisty and tough at the catchpoint. Good tackler as well as having good ball skills with big hands. He is a former wideout and still learning the finer points of being a corner and will therefore drop.

Bopete (Thakarius) Keyes – UDFA

Just looking at his INT vs Florida Int had me wowed and watching more of his tape he could be quite interesting with some development. Rare size and I think he could be very interesting as an UDFA.

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