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2022 NFL Draft: Picks and possible Trades

This is going to be an overview of the Picks I have and the Trades I would make:


Round 1 – 17th

Round 2 – 48th

Round 3 – 79th

Round 4 – 123rd

Round 5 – 160th

Round 6 – 195th

Round 7 – 237th


My goal is to trade back multiple times. There is noone who I am so high on that I would want to pick in the mid of the first round. In the second and third, however, there are a bunch of players. My ideal situation would be to trade back and pick up multiple picks in the 2nd and 3rd round.

For Pick 17

PIT 20 + 52 – jump the Saints for QB.

GB 22 + 53 – jump Patriots for OL or Saints for a top WR. I just feel like they could package up the picks they got for Adams to move up.

BUF 25 + 57 + 89 – jump the eagles for a DT, they don’t have any real needs so they go up to grab exactly the player for them.

For Pick 20 or 22

KC 29 + 30 – if one of the big Georgia DTs fall or one of the top 5 receivers.

For Pick 30

SEA 40 + 41 – they jump the Lions for a QB


For Pick 25

DET 32 + 34 + 97 – if they take a non-QB at no.2 and then Willis is still available

The following picks would be added instead of my 17th:

Scenario 1 29, 40, 41, 52/53

Scenario 2 32, 34, 57, 89, 97

Depending on how things are looking at the end of Day 1, I could imagine trading back up to have 2 picks at the end of Day 1 or the top of Day 2.

Due to the time difference I will not be able to watch the draft live, but I will watch it pick for pick first thing in the morning the following day and make my decisions “in real time”.

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