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NFL Draft 2022: Preview: DAY 1

THE DRAFT IS HERE!! Just over an hour until the Draft kicks off and as per usual I’m very excited. Unfortunately I’ve not got round to doing the positional write-ups, but that just means, that this year will be more playing it by ear and giving a brief overview before the draftdays.

Highlight players Day 1

I feel like this draft has good value in the top 10, you have the main OTs (Neal, Ekwanu, Cross), Edges (Hutch, Walker, Thibodeaux), DTs (Wyatt, Davis), CBs (Gardner and Stingley) and Safety Hamilton. Sauce Gardner is the most exciting one for me here as well as Hutchinson, but those guys are out of reach because I am not moving up.

Hamilton and the DTs will likely drop out of the top 10 but I think they are very good and could be a decent deal in the 15-25 range. If I had a desperate need at any of those positions I would consider not dropping down and taking them. But I don’t. And I’m not so enamored with one of those guys to talk myself into it.

In the second half of the first round I think a lot of Tackle projects, Interior OLinemen, LBs and Edges. Sprinkled in between across both halves you have the WRs (I think we will have around 5 in the first 32 picks), CBs McDuffie and Booth as well as the mandatory QBs. I think there will only be 2-3 QBs taken.

What I’m going to do at Pick 17

Trade down! And make sure I don’t talk myself into taking someone too early.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am looking to trade down multiple times to acquire picks on Day 2. I don’t see any of the players I really like dropping (except for maybe Wyatt) and I’m hoping Linderbaum and Raiman will be in the 2nd round. Either way I will be making my tradebacks where possible and then either taking Linderbaum, Raiman or the best available player.

Because I am going to bed now I will be watching the draft back tomorrow without knowing whats happened to make the situation as real as possible for me and then make my decisions on the go.

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