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Seattle Seahawks 53 man Roster 2017 [first glance]

With the offseason moving along, the draft done, rookie mini-camp done and OTAs done I thought I would like to give you a quick overview of who I think may make it into the 53 man roster. I know that, having not done any physical contact yet, there are a lot of open spaces (especially for the “always compete” Seahawks), but as much for myself as for you I want to see how the Battle for spots and my opinions unfold as the season approaches. I will be highlighting players as follows:

[definite roster spot] [keep] [cut] [potential cut to practice squad]

Offence (26)

QB (2) Wilson Boykin Davis

note: although Boykin hasn’t been so well behaved in the offseason, I really what he has done when he came onto the pitch. Make sure he won’t mess up again and keep him to develop behind Wilson.

RB (6) Lacy Rawls Prosise Collins Carson McKissic Davis Madden

note: I wouldn’t keep any of the FBs which gives the Seahawks more space when it comes to keeping RBs. Collins earned praise for his conditioning, Carroll seems to really like Carson and McKissic can be a great returner while Lockett is injured.

TE (3) Graham Wilson Vannett Lucas Donatell Swoops

note: fairly easy one with Graham and Wilson in at 1 and 2, Vannett in behind as he showed starts of good play last season, can both block and catch.

WR (6) Baldwin Richardson Lockett Kearse Darboh McEvoy Smith Lawler Greyson Williams

note: Williams is experienced but has been injured a lot, so we will have to see how he does. Has Lawler developed enough to push into the 53 squad? Will Kearse be able to hold onto his spot after a terrible last season. Bold prediction: if everyone if healthy he will get cut.

OL (9) Fant Britt Ifedi Glowinski Odhiambo Pocic Joeckel Aboushi Senior Myers Roos Pericak Hunt

note: I feel like this is a group where almost everyone has something to prove. Nonetheless, Britt and Ifedi are locks for starting while Fant seems to be a coach favourite. I think that the only question would be whether the Seahawks decide to keep both Aboushi and Senior. If they don’t Roos has a really good chance of slipping in or making it onto the practice squad.

Defence (24)

DL (9) Bennett Avril Rubin Reed Clark (Jefferson) McDowell Jones Marsh Smith Jenkins Jordan Harris Bass Liggins

note: this is maybe the most set group. Alongside those that are set, Marsh McDowell and Jones should be able to get the last three spots locked down unless someone manages to really stand out before the start of the season. Jefferson may end up on PUP though.

LB (6) Wright Wagner Brown Pierre-Lewis Wilhoite Terence McDonald Palacio Powell Usher Peters

note: behind Wagner and Wright, this might be one of the most open position groups as the remaining spaces are going to be for backups, especially when the Seahawks play a lot with Nickel packages.

CB (4) Sherman (Shead) Griffin Tyson Desir Lane Elliott Thorpe McCray

note: yes, I have gone a bit alternative for this one. First of all there is a big questionmark behind Shead for whether he will make if for the start of the season, which is why for now I’m adding an extra CB. The backup CBs from last year were wholly disappointing, which is why I think the new batch will make it. It could have been argued that Lane could be used for Nickel packages, but he was rubbish at that last season and I believe that this role will fall more to McDougald.

S (5) Thomas III Chancellor McDougald Thompson Hill Cromatie Simone

note: this one is easy. Thomas and Chancellor are set. McDougald will be no.1 for the Nickel, Thompson the backup for Thomas and Hill is a hard hitter like Chancellor.

Special Teams

K, P, LS (3) Walsh Ryan Ott Frese

note: Walsh and Ryan have their spots safe. The competition is between Ott and Frese, Ott gets the spot because he came in for Frese when he was injured and did well.


So, this is where I stand on the squad at the moment. We will see how it develops over the next months. For now I would say that only Safety, DL and TE are locked, the rest will be interesting as they all have spots to play out.

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