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Potential Practice Squad Players Seahawks

Just a quick look at a couple of players who could be a great addition to the Seahawks practice squad. I will start by saying that the main places I see potential for adding players are the following positions:

CB – I just think that it would be great to have some more talented depth. Griffin, Coleman and Flowers are all top talents. Johnson seems like a second rate experienced player now that Maxwell won’t be there. Thorpe is a special teams ace and doesn’t have to be factored in. I think that Johnson’s spot should be up for grabs.

S – I really liked the addition of Luani to this group, Mcdougald is the clear starter and Thompson also played well enough in the preseason. To be completely honest I am really unconvinced by Hill though so I hope that they pick someone up to replace him, and I already have someone that I’m thinking of.

TE – The Seahawks have their blocking Tight Ends but no big playmaker, if one becomes available this could be a place to add.

FB – I don’t like Tre Madden and I don’t think the new TE we signed is the solution either.

DE – Green, Clark and Jordan (plus Jefferson) could be an exciting rush, but I am not convinced with Jackson. I like him but think that a young talent could be better for the group.

OT – Brown is excellent, but Ifedi and Fant both leave question marks with their play, so until Jones is healthy again this is an area we can / should / need to add to.

OG – not an area of need, but you can never have too many so if someone great were available this could be a pick up area.

The Players


Levi Wallace – CB – formerly Alabama – released by the Bills

A rare walk on at Alabama with the mentality of a Seahawk. Worked his way from nothing to being a starter at one of the toughest College programs in the USA. He would be my top priority because I believe he has the potential to be special. Check out his college highlights here.

Kyle Quiero – S/LB – formerly Northwestern – released by the Cowboys

Beast and a reminder of Chancellor with his size and speed that could pass for a linebacker and loves to play in the box, but can also drop off. Just as an example: he made a one handed interception because he had to: his other hand was broken and in a cast. For a full set of highlights check him out here.

Bo Scarbrough – RB – formerly Alabama – released by the Cowboys

Violent runner with the kind of style that the Seahawks covet. Could be an interesting addition to the practice squad especially as a security for any injuries. See his highlights here.

Nick DeLuca – LB – formerly North Dakota State – released by the Jaguars

Instinctive and intelligent. High football IQ and a great special teamer. Only downside is that he is not as hyper-athletic as others at the position. However he could be a DJ Alexander type player who becomes a special teams standout.

Quadree Henderson – WR – formerly of University of Pittsburgh – released by the Steelers

Speedster and return specialist. We didn’t keep Grayson or Reynolds who did returns in the preseason and Lockett is supposedly not due to take any more snaps there. He could be a perfect addition to our special teams and is a pretty good receiver too. Here are his highlights.


Breshard Perriman – WR – released by Ravens

Corey Coleman – WR – released by Bills

Both not rookies and the Seahawks have no need for more WRs. BUT, recently they have taken to collecting former first round picks and Perriman was just that in 2015, Coleman in 2016.

DeShawn Shead – DB – released by Lions

I don’t need to say much about him, we all know him very well. If he is healthy it think that he could be a serious upgrade to CB Johnson as the experienced option and he has had a lot of success in Seattle.

Aaron Ripkowski – FB – Green Bay Packers

I think he is a good replacement for Tre Madden. Brutal runner and can catch the ball better than Madden. He is also a really strong blocker and I think that he could be a great addition.


Let’s see how the team and Practice Squad end up looking, there are certainly a lot of interesting options available in the market.

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