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2018 Draft Tracker [Part 1: Who went where?]

A quick look at the players I picked out for the Seahawks and where they went, where they are now and who the Seahawks picked in the draft.

No need


prediction: UDFA – no specific player

Seahawks: Alex McGough – 7th round – now: Practice Squad

I did not think we needed to spend a pick here and could have picked up someone decent as an UDFA. We did, however, pick up McGough in the 7th who could prove to be an absolute steal if he continues to develop with what he showed in the preseason. I think that he was also drafted as part of the subtle back and forth building up to the contract extension/or not extension of Russell Wilson.


prediction: no need

Seahawks: Michael Dickson – 5th round – now: Starter

With Ryan, who everyone loves and always will I did not think there was a need for adding someone. We picked up Dickson in the 5th and what an amazing move that was! Star of the season so far and the type of player who could revolutionise the position with his skill set.


Chistian Kirk – Cardinals – predicted 2nd – picked 2nd – now: WR3

will get more and more of a role int he team as the season progresses and has proved to be a solid pick for them so far. Considering the excellent WR battle we had in camp I don’t think it was necessary to draft hime, as much as I like him.

EQ St.Brown – Packers – predicted 4th – picked 6th – now: WR4/5

Hasn’t shown anything crazy good yet, which he has the potential for. Has great chemistry with the backup QB Kizer, and in the shadow of the current starters Rodgers, Cobb and Adams, they could build themselves up to take over the reigns down the line.

Quadree Henderson – Steelers – predicted 7th – picked UDFA – now: UDFA

Not quite sure why he isn’t at least signed to a practice squad. He is an electric returner and I would happily kick Caleb Scott from our PS to make space for him.

Seahawks: None

Signed some UDFAs who made it onto the PS



Kyle Quiero – Cowboys – predicted 7th – picked UDFA – now: Practice Squad

A safety / linebacker hybrid, a leader and a playmaker. For some reason he did not make it onto the first team. I do not know whether that is a bad sign, seeing as Richard is the coordinator over there and plays very similar to us – if he doesn’t fit there would he fit in at the Hawks? I still think so – at least he would be a great addition over Hill.

Seahawks: none

But traded with the Raiders for Shalom Luani who has been between the first team and the PS.


Mid need


Maurice Hurst – Raiders – predicted 1st – picked 5th – now: RDT2

Hurst is a beast, one of the most highly rated players coming into the draft (PFF) and once he gets going he can be a game wrecker inside. The problem is his heart condition, which saw him drop from a top 10 pick to the fifth round. Playing as a rotational DT behind the starters means that he has to deal with less stress on his body while he acclimatises to the NFL. If he continues to stay problem free he could turn into the steal of the draft.

Seahawks: Poona Ford – UDFA – now: RDT2

The Seahawks clearly also saw a need here and brought in a guy who they had been heavily linked with before the draft. The safer option due to the fact that he does not have the health concerns, but he himself was not drafted because he does not have the “typical” measurables for the position. I think that in time he can also turn into a beast though and add to our core of top talent in the centre with Reed and Jones. Only UDFA who made it onto the eventual roster (not including PS).


Ade Aruna – Vikings – predicted 4th – picked 6th – now: Injured Reserve

In a class where I wasn’t really convinced by the rushers besides Chubb, Aruna looked like someone who could be interesting at a position of mid need. Additionally it would have been nice to pick someone up in a mid to late round.

Seahawks: Rasheem Green – 3rd – now: DE3/4

We picked up Rasheem Green in the 3rd round who is going to be awesome. He showed such promise in the preseason and unlike Clark and Jordan who predominantly come over the edge, Green and Jefferson can also come through the inside. Once he develops he could become similar Bennett.


Will Dissly – Seattle – predicted 6th – picked 4th – now: Starter

There is a reason he is called Uncle Will. He is mature, solid and I felt that he could be a starter in the NFL due to his professionalism. He is also very physical and used to play DE, which I really liked.

Ian Thomas – Carolina – predicted 2nd – picked 4th – now: TE3

He has a great reach and playmaking ability. Very athletic. I thought we needed a blocking and a playmaking guy. Since, we have picked up Darrell Daniels, a hyper-athletic playmaking TE to develop into that mold.

Seahawks: Will Dissly – Seattle – picked 4th – now: Starter

The Hawks picked up Dissly who I had penciled in as a Seahawk from the beginning. Out of Thomas and Dissly I preferred the former though because he seemed more solid and professional. He has also already shown that he can catch the ball with 2 TDs in 2 games, a 105 yd and 42 yd receiving performance, plus what he does in blocking.


Will Hernandez – Giants – predicted late 1st – picked early 2nd – now: Starter LG

There was all the hype about the two linemen from Notre Dame, but for me Hernandez was the standout during the combine…by a lot. He could have been our 1st round pick, we could have even moved down a couple of spots, picked up another pick AND Hernandez. I think that would have been the right move and I’m a bit gutted that it didn’t happen.

Isaiah Wynn – Patriots – predicted 2nd – picked 1st – now: Injured Reserve

Wynn I was never 100% sure on, BUT he seemed to be solid with a decent amount of upside. The Patriots seem to agree because they picked him up in the first round. That’s usually a good sign of quality.

Brian O’Neill – Vikings – predicted 3rd – picked 2nd – now: RT2

Again a very solid player. He may not have such a high ceiling, but I think that he would hold his own well. Given the choice between him and our pick up I think we made the better choice even if he is now injured.

Seahawks: Jamarco Jones – 5th round – now: Injured Reserve

We picked Jones in the 5th round, who was an absolute steal at that place in the draft. A great addition at tackle. I still feel that Hernandez was the guy who should have been our first round pick and addition to the OL, no need you can’t have both though… Jones had a great preseason and would have won the starting RT spot if he hadn’t got injured.

Also picked up Elijah Nkansah from the Titans for PS.


Top Need


Shaquem Griffin – Seahawks – predicted 3rd – picked 5th – now: Special Teams

He is the twin brother of one of my favourite players on the team. He won AAC Defensive Player of the Year honours at College with one hand. He is a super speed and high motor blitzer off the edge from deep at the LB spot.

Genard Avery – Browns – predicted 5th – picked 5th – now: SLB2

Hyper-athletic and he has a great work ethic. He came from working on a farm to support his family to trying to do the same in the NFL. He has already been compared to James Harrison in terms of physicality and muscles and can be a punishing LB for any D. Not in the starting spot yet but I think he will work his way there.

UPDATE: through the first three weeks, Avery is the only Rookie to be within PFFs top 5 rookie rankings.

Keishawn Bierria – Broncos – predicted 6th –  picked 6th – now: ILB3

Washington Husky. Top special teamer. Heat seeking missile to the ball and has a knack for recovering fumbles or forcing them himself. Would have been good depth and a top special teamer.

Seahawks: Shaquem Griffin – 5th round – now: Special Teams

Seahawks: Jacob Martin – 6th round – now: OLB2

I put Griffin down as 3rd round because I would have been happy to take him any time from the 3rd onwards. Luckily we still got him in the 5th. Had a great preseason flying around. He is already a strong special teamer, in my opinion, however, he is out of place as a weakside linebacker. He should be playing Leo for us really. There he could use his speed to get to the ball, off the ball is not his strength.

However, we also picked up Jacob Martin for the Leo position, which makes it a bit more difficult. This could result in Mingo becoming a nice trade piece, with this year’s two rookies providing two excellent players at the position. Martin has a great motor, fast and is a tough player who can also play at DE. I rate both higher than Mingo.


John Kelly – Rams – predicted 3rd – picked 6th – now: RB4

Kamara 2.0? I don’t think he is quite as good but has the potential to be an elite RB who works his way through crowded boxes. He has good speed, agility and toughness. It’s a shame that we did not pick him up.

Kalen Ballage – Dolphins – predicted 3rd – picked 4th – now: RB4

Big, physical runner with fast feet. Runs with a narrow frame and is athletic enough to hurdle guys. But I think that maybe we did well not to go for him, I don’t think he would have fitted into our team. Not sure why I was so high on him.

Mark Walton – Bengals – predicted 5th – picked 4th – now: RB3/2

Due to the injury of Joe Mixon he is currently RB2. He is a smaller, physical runner with athletic playmaking ability and elusiveness. I would say that he is a better Davis and that’s where I would have seen him in our depth chart. Solid guy with some work to do until he can break out.

Seahawks: Rashaad Penny – 1st round – now: RB2

We picked Penny in the first round, which I didn’t see coming at all. Not only did I not have Penny on my radar, but I also did not think that we would pick a RB that high when we had standout Carson coming back. I think Penny could develop into a really good player, no doubt, but there may have been better options.

Also picked up former Husky Lavon Coleman from the Texans for the PS.


Isaiah Oliver – Falcons – predicted 2nd – picked 2nd – now: LCB2

Has the measurables to be a prototypical Seahawks CB, which is why it is not a surprise that he ended up with Dan Quinn and the Falcons. Multi-athlete from an athletic family with elite size and wingspan. He seems to be the full package, I was just not sold 100% on his mentality.

Holton Hill – Vikings – predicted 4th – picked UDFA – now: RCB4

Top drawer talent with some character concerns. Good tackler, wraps his man up without giving up many yards and didn’t concede any big plays in the preseason. As an UDFA he should have been a priority.

Levi Wallace – Bills – predicted 6th – picked UDFA – now: Practice Squad

Such an underrated player. As someone who worked his way from no offers out of High School to a starter at Alabama he has the grit and hard working mentality which a Seahawks CB needs. In terms of on the field abilities he can do everything the Seahawks ask of their CBs: Sure tackling, keeping over the top locked down and blitzing the QB. If Hill should have been a priority, Wallace should have been the priority UDFA in my opinion.

Seahawks: Tre Flowers – 5th round – now: RCB1

We picked Tre Flowers in the 5th round. He is a Safety who we are converting to corner. I love his size and mentality, and think that he is similarly physically gifted to Oliver – even if not quite on the same level. Where I think he beats the Falcon’s second round pick is mentality and I am therefore very happy we got him even if he is a project.

Also picked up Simeon Thomas from the Browns for the PS.


In part 2 I will look at what I would have done differently in the draft and UDFA as well as who we could potentially pickup.

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