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2020 NFL Draft: Seahawks Needs / Picks Projection

Following the Seahawks review, here is a quick look at who should stay and go, as well as what I think they need to add in Free Agency and the Draft. I will also grade it in terms of importance, but may change this once Free Agency is over.


Offense (26)

QB (2)

Keep Wilson, (Exp / rookie)

Release / Trade Smith

Need the Seahawks will probably look to bring in a Vet to backup Wilson and might draft a rookie late.

RB (5) – Someone who can stay healthy

Keep Carson, Penny, Homer, Lynch, (Healthy)

Release / Trade Bellore, Turbin, Choice, Prosise

Need The Seahawks have exciting options at RB, but the top 2 can’t stay healthy. With Carson’s contract expiring at the end of the year it might be worth investing in another option be it through Free Agency (Kenyan Drake is a great option) or the draft.

TE (3/4) – Depth / Starter

Keep Dissly, Hollister, Olsen, Willson, (Rookie)

Release / Trade Dickson, Swoops, Saxton, Johnson

Need  Olsen has already been added through Free Agency, now a young exciting option should be highlighted in the draft.

WR (5/6) – Depth / Starter

Keep Lockett, Metcalf, Moore, Ursua, Hart, Thompson (Rookie/Exp)

Release / Trade Turner, Brown, Langley, Smith

Need Quality depth needs to be added to this group. I don’t think there are any Free Agents who fit the profile so it will have to be the draft.

C (2) – Depth (/ Starter)

Keep Hunt Pocic (Rookie)

Release / Trade Britt

Need The Seahawks need a long term option at center and it needs to be a priority.

G (3/4) – Depth / Starter

Keep Haynes, Fluker, Simmons, Fuller, Knox, McKenzie (Rookie/Vet)

Release / Trade Iupati, Roos

Need With lots of unknowns in this group a Free Agency addition would not go amiss, that would negate the need to add in the draft. One of the above options might prove to be good enough. If there is someone exciting in the draft you can still go for it.

T (4)

Keep Brown, Fant, Jones, Wheeler, (Rookie)

Release / Trade Ifedi

Need If all three are retained then this does not have to be a draft priority. If someone falls you can pick them up, but it would be a comfortable situation.


Defense (24)

DE (6) – Starter

Keep Clowney, Collier, Green, Griffin, Jefferson (Rookie)

Release / Trade Ansah, Jackson, Soto

Need With the pass rush proving largely inefficient last season this has to be one of the big areas of investment. Resigning Jefferson to a manageable contract should be a priority. Resigning Clowney would also be good, but if he wants to go somewhere else then let him, there are a lot of top options in free agency this year. My favourite is Yannick Ngakoue. I would also add though the draft.

DT (4/5) – Starter (/ Depth)

Keep Ford, Jones, Christmas, Mone, (Rookie / Exp)

Release / Trade Woods, Reed.

Need  Wow this is a shockingly depleted group. With question marks behind Jones, Christmas and Mone they really need to step up. Woods played good but had issues off the pitch, didn’t play good enough to warrant inclusion. Reed will want too much for what he is worth. the Seahawks need to add a Free Agent and invest in the draft.

LB (4/5)

Keep Wagner, Wright, Barton, Burr-Kirven, Taumoepenu, (rookie)

Release / Trade Kendricks, Watson, Ellerbee, Smith

Need Re-sign Wright and then we have a top group. I was not a fan of Kendricks in 2019, the others may have PS chances. If there is someone exciting in a late round and you have covered all other needs then a rookie LB can be added.

CB (4) – Depth

Keep Griffin, Flowers, Neal

Release / Trade King, Thorpe, Boykins, Reed, Allen

Need Starters are locked in. Flowers and Griffin are both starter level but need depth and someone to challenge them. The surprise here may be both King and Thorpe, the problem is that both are really weak on the outside. The others also haven’t shown that they could be a solution there. King showed in 2018 that he can be an excellent nickle (even if it was only in one game, nonetheless he dominated Kansas TE Kelce), nickle will be taken by Amadi. Thorpe has been ST captain multiple times, but just hasn’t been at that level this year. Other players have shown this year that he is replaceable. Seahawks have their starters, but really need some depth on the outside with starter potential. They need to have 1-2 more guys (depending on what they think of Neal).

S (4/5)

Keep Diggs, McDougald, Blair, Amadi (rookie)

Release / Trade Thompson, Hill

Need All 4 should be starters next season: Diggs (FS), McDougald (SS / Dime), Blair (SS / Dime), Amadi (Nickle). Thompson and Hill only sporadically convinced and should not be retained. If no rookie is found and the Seahawks want to keep 5, Hill could get another shot. No real need, could pick up a rookie safety for depth if the chance presents itself.


Special Teams (3)

K (1)

Keep Meyers

Need Unless they find a gem in the draft / UDFA like Dickson was, then save the money.

P (1)

Keep Dickson

Need None

LS (1)

Keep Ott

Need Unless they find a gem in the draft / UDFA like Dickson was, then save the money.



The first priority needs to be to extend the contracts of key players to manageable contracts: Fant, Hollister, Hunt, Jefferson, Lynch. Each of these come with a certain difficulty because the players have shown promise, but not to the highest level and not for long enough. But none of these deals should break the bank. Jefferson and Fant should be priorities. Lynch is just a category for himself.

The next level are players who don’t even have a sure foot on the squad if they resign, but should be resigned to the minimum contract: Mone, Moore, Neal, Simmons, Turner, Willson. Of course Willson sticks out as the top name, but Mone may be the highest priority.

After cutting/not resigning the following players, the Seahawks should still have a lot of cap space:

  • Not re-sign Ansah, Brown, Ifedi, Iupati, Kendricks, King, Reed, Thorpe, Woods
  • Cut Hill, Britt, Ed Dickson, Thompson

Additionally you have the money which frees up if Clowney doesn’t re-sign. This brings us to the gaps that can be filled in free agency.


Free Agency Needs

With quite a bit of cap space, the Seahawks will be able to splash out on a couple of bigger names, which they will probably support by some mid-level talent with upside and who knows what trades. They probably won’t because they are very precious about their comp picks, but I think this is the season to really go for it. Here is what I think they should do:

QB – doesn’t really matter who, maybe resign Geno Smith. only player with utility would be Taysom Hill, but I can’t imagine him coming over.

RBKenyan Drake. I have liked him since he was at Miami, played great for the cardinals, now he joins the Seahawks to complete the RB room.

OGJoe Thuney. with so much uncertainty along the line, bringing someone with experience, who is not injury prone and has performed at a high level would be a really good idea. Personally I like Thuney the most out of the free agents.

DEYannick Ngakoue. Lots of options here, which might help drive the price down. Ngakoue may be the one with the highest upside, but will be accompanied by the corresponding price tag. Another high value option would be Erik Armstead,

DTShelby Harris. In the games where I saw him play for Denver I really liked his hustle. would be a great experienced addition. Other options could include Danny Shelton or Jordan Phillips.


Draft Needs

This will change depending on Free Agency.


QB – no draft need, UDFA or late round if there is someone interesting.

LB – no draft need, UDFA or late round if there is someone interesting.

S – no draft need, UDFA or late round if there is someone interesting.

RB – depending on whether they decide to get a free agent. If they don’t this might be upgraded to orange.

T – No issue if they can retain Fant, otherwise this gets upgraded to orange, almost red.


TE – not an immediate need if everyone is healthy and they retain either Hollister or Willson. But they need to give Russell Wilson top targets.

C – depends on what you think of Pocic and Hunt. I would be looking to see if there is anyone appropriate in the range. Probably not highest need though.

G – there are a lot of players that were on the PS or the roster for the Seahawks but never saw the pitch, if those guys can step up this becomes less of a need, but it is always worth investing in.

CB – they urgently need quality depth behind Griffin and Flowers, not just if they get injured, but also to push them. One top player needs to be drafted.


WR – Wilson needs weapons. There needs to be at least one more big time target for him.

DE – Second biggest need of the draft, only because they need to sign someone in free agency, which should make the need in the draft a tiny bit lower. TBH though, they need to make a quality addition in the draft at this position.

DT – Similar situation to the DE spot in that there should hopefully be a starting player added in free agency, but apart from that you only have Ford as a proven guy. If you think that Mone, Jones or Christmas will take a big step then this can be downgraded to an orange, but I would invest.


Pick Projection

Currently the Seahawks are projected to have the following 12 picks, this can still change with free agency and trades so I won’t go into too much detail yet as to what changes I would make:


EDIT: These are currently the 8 picks the Seahawks hold (13.03.20)



2nd, 2nd (Frank Clark trade)

3rd (Earl Thomas Comp pick)

4th, 4th (Justin Coleman Comp pick)


6th (Shamar Stephen comp pick)


Next up are my articles on my own fantasy team, which I will go into drafting for the 4th season (with the 1st season being a partial draft of 1 person). I will do the same evaluation followed by a look at the needs.

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