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Seahawks roster update following Vikings preseason game

Folloing on from my previous roster update, I will have a look at what I think has changed. Green will indicate what I said in my last update red will be not included anymore and orange will be new inclusions.

Offence (25)

QB (2)

Wilson, McGough

No change other than that McGough has cemented his position as QB2 leading some very good drives both against the Chargers and Vikings.

RB (3)

Carson, Penny, Davis

No changes. Carson has been very strong and will go into the season as RB1, Penny and Davis will split time behind that depending on health. They keep Davis due to the small injury Penny had and incase it flares up again.

UPDATE: Penny should be ready for season openener.

RB3D (2->1)

McKissic, Prosise

McKissic’s injury means that he will miss the start of the season. I think this opens up a spot for an extra WR, in particular Grayson who were both battling for kick/punt return duties so he becomes a lock there. However, Moore also had some snaps there and did a good job, as well as Reynolds who saw some time there.

TE / Fullback (4->3)

Vannett, Dissly, Dickson (Swoops / Hill)

Hill is still injured and will probably miss the start of the season so he might come back once he is fit. Swoops has also not shown enough to make 53 in my eyes. This opens the spot for a 7th receiver – someone who may be cut if Hill gets healthy depending on wht they want to do on Offence.

WR (5->7)

Baldwin, Brown, Moore, Marshall, Grayson, Lockett (Stringfellow / Reynolds / Johnson)

Baldwin is the star WR. Brown and Marshall have both shown good play In the chargers and Vikings games respectively.  Moore has shown the best big play ability this preseason and is locked in. I still think that Lockett may be traded, on the other hand there are few who can take the top off like he does. Grayson has his spot secured because of his returning ability is special teams and the McKissic injury. I think that anyone who doesnt make it intot he team from this group could be interesting for the PS.

T (4)

Brown, Fant, Ifedi, (Jones / Battle)

Everything stays the same here although Fant may challenge for the starting RT spot. Battle beats out Jones by default due to his injury.

G (4)

Pocic, Fluker, Sweezy, Odhiambo, (Philips)

No change here, except that I am more and more sure they go for experience here with Odhiambo and Sweezy. Philips is a must for the PS.

C (1)


no change.

Defence (25)

DE (4)

Clarke, Green, Jefferson, (Smith II / Jackson)

Green and Jefferson continue to play a good preseason, Clarke could step up a bit but is a lock. Jackson has won the battle for the 4th spot by default with Smith being released.

DT (5)

Reed, Jones, Stephen, Johnson, Ford

No change, our inside is still looking pretty tough.

LB (6)

Wagner, Wright, Mingo, Martin, Griffin, (Beal / Calitro / Pugh / Walden)

This is looking like a pretty interesting group with some more people pushing for a spot in the 53 and the Seahawks trying lots of flexibility in formations. Walden had a very strong start in his first game for the Hawks with 2 sacks so he can’t be missing on this list and Calitro has continued to make some exciting plays. I’ve stayed with 6 in this group, but this group could go up to 7 if the Seahawks decide to keep one less CB or SS.

CB (6)

Griffin, Maxwell, Coleman, Flowers, Thorpe, (King / Boykins)

This group stays the same, the only question remains if / who is kept as the 6th CB. I think King has shown some good play – also in special teams – and looks like the favourite, but Boykins may also be in with a shot. Alternatively one of these might land on the PS.

SS (3)

Mcdougald, (Hill, Alexander)

No question, McDougald is the starter. Hill hasn’t shown anything exciting yet in my opinion so the question whether they go with him or a different player for someone who will primarily play ST. Alexander I have heard good things about, but not seen enough to be sure.

FS (1)


I think he is playing stronger with every game because he is starting to trust his instincts and is always around the ball picking stuff up. Still he is not at the level of ETIII.

Special Teams (3)

K (1)


Has been decided Myers was released and signed by the Jets.

P (1)


Competition has been decided, Ryan was released and signed by the Bills where he will be reunited with Hauschka. Wish him all the best.

LS (1)


no competition means a lock.

PUP – active


has a chance of coming back, probably not to start the season though.

PUP – reserve


will not come back. Probably will retire, might become a coach (at least that would be great)

Reserve – did not report

Earl Thomas

ET is still nowhere to be seen.


Next update after the Raiders game next week.

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