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Seahawks roster update following Colts preseason game

Following the Colts game, here are some thoughts to how the 53 man roster could look if the season started today:

Offence (25)

QB (2)

Wilson, McGough

contrary to what I have read elsewhere, I think McGough played better than Davis and showed some exciting play and movement to keep plays alive. He is very raw but I think he has a high ceiling.

RB (3)

Carson, Penny, Davis

no surprise here, they keep Davies because they learned from injuries last season.

UPDATE: with Penny sidelined for up to 4 weeks, we see once again why it is important to keep Davis on the 53.

RB3D (2)

McKissic, Prosise

McKissic and Prosise can both feature in the air game, plus McKissic has value as a return man and played well last season. However, this is a make or break season for Prosise.

TE / Fullback (4)

Vannett, Dissly, Dickson (Swoops / Hill)

Dissly is the surest lock for me in this group. I had him going to the Seahawks pre-draft and still think that he is a great addition. Vannett had some shocking near-drops, which had me a bit worried, but I also really liked his movement in the end zone for the TD. Dickson will be a lock, if fit, for his blocking. The Swoops / Hill battle may be decided without either having much influence. If Hill doesn’t get fit in time then Swoops would seem a lock, but I think he would be one of the first to get cut if another position needs an extra player. If both are healthy the question becomes whether more blocking or receiving is needed. Either way these guys are really on the bubble.

WR (5)

Baldwin, Brown, Moore (Lockett / Marshall / Stringfellow / Reynolds / Grayson)

quite possibly the group with the most yet to be decided. All of the above seem to have a legitimate shot at getting a spot, but it will be good to see what the next game brings. The reason Lockett isn’t a lock for me is that I could still see him being traded, especially with a lot of receivers showing promise.

T (4)

Brown, Fant, Ifedi, (Jones / Battle)

Brown and Fant are locks. Ifedi will also be a lock but seriously needs to sort out his flag issue, because it is really becoming an issue – i think management see it in a similar way when they start pulling him from 1st team reps for flags. Luckily for him Jones and Battle are both injured at the moment. If both get healthy I think Jones makes the team, but Battle has been strong too. This is a tough one, but may resolve itself with injuries.

G (4)

Pocic, Fluker, (Sweezy / Odhiambo / Philips)

Pocic was voted into the rookie team of the year last season, Fluker is a man-beast and favourite of the new coach. Both locked in. Sweezy looks like he will be next in line and has the pedigree of being a former Seahawks starter. The other two will battle for the last spot.

C (1)


not much to say. Alongside brown the leader of the line.

Defence (25)

DE (4)

Clarke, Green, Jefferson, (Smith II / Jackson)

Clarke is a lock on one side, Jordan would have had the other if he didn’t get injured. Now there is a big battle on for who starts there. Green and Jefferson both flashed big ability to make plays, the former standing for the future at DE anyhow, and therefore both warrant inclusion. Smith played on an injury at the end of last season and still had a decent showing, while Jackson is seeing first team reps in training and is also someone I quite like. I think that they are pretty even at the moment and fighting for the 4th spot.

DT (5)

Reed, Jones, Stephen, Johnson, Ford

in my eyes this group is the most set – not just at starter but across the board – and I do not see much changing. I am a bit gutted that we haven’t heard more on Ford through Camp, but still believe he has the potential, with Reed and Jones, to be the future rotation at DT.

LB (6)

Wagner, Wright, Mingo, Martin, Griffin, Beal

i think the starters are pretty much decided here, although the future of Wright is murky in my eyes. His contract is running out and the draft capital you could get for him (he is definitely a good player) may be worth more than keeping him. Especially, because the Seahawks have several positions they need to improve in the next draft and since Griffin is being trained at Wright’s spot rather than behind Mingo. Martin figures to push Mingo and Beal will slot in behind Wagner. One very good sign for Beal, IMO,  was that he could be seen discussing with Carrol in between drives, always a sign of confidence in that player.

CB (6)

Griffin, Maxwell, Coleman, Flowers, Thorpe, King

Griffin, Coleman and Maxwell figure to be locks to start the season, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Flowers supplants Maxwell by the end. Thorpe and King are great special teamers and king can also play backup CB. Unless some other CB shows up big time and takes the spot from one of the last two, I imagine this group is also set.

SS (3)

Mcdougald, Hill, Alexander

Mcdougald looks to be the starter here with Hill as a backup who has great special teams value – see the (not given) turnover I  the colts game. Normally they don’t keep 3 SS, but in case Thompson doesn’t work out at FS and Mcdougald has to move over, it would be good to have 2 SS in place.

FS (1)


While Mcdougald also covered this spot last season he was much better when covering for Kam. That leaves Thompson as the only reliable option at the position.

Special Teams (3)

K (1)


if he stays fit he wins the battle. The options are an old/injury-prone guy or a younger/not-as-good guy. Not very exciting. Maybe Dickinson can do both? Then we could keep Ryan and him!!!

P (1)


i Love Ryan and wish him all the best, but this is happening.

LS (1)


no competition means a lock.

PUP – active


has a chance of coming back, probably not to start the season though.

PUP – reserve


will not come back. Probably will retire, might become a coach (at least that would be great)

Reserve – did not report

Earl Thomas

i think that he will be traded. If not then he would be a great upgrade at FS, as much as I like Thompson the gap

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