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2022 NFL Draft: DAY 2: Round 2 and 3

Finally getting round to watching round 2 and 3. Its been a nightmare because I haven’t been on any electronic equipment so as not to have any giveaways as to who went where.

Having moved up to pick 34, here are the picks I have:

Round 2 34 52 57

Round 3 79

Let’s get into it!

2.33 – Buccaneers – DT Logan Hall – One of my guys flys off the board straight away making me think whether I should take Travis Jones with my next pick. I’m going to stick to my plan though.

2.34 – Vikings – TRADE – me – OT Bernhard Raimann – I get my OT. I think this guy has great promise and is going to be a top and long term player in the league.

2.34 – Vikings – TRADE – Packers – WR Christian Watson – I’m surprised this guy goes here. He is fast and big, but I felt like his hands weren’t all that. I’m glad that this trade happened by though, shows me that my trade wasn’t so unrealistic.

2.35 – Titans – CB Roger McCreary

2.36 – Giants – TRADE – Jets – RB Breece Hall – The first RB goes off the board. Rated by many as the top RB this year. The Jets continue a good year of drafting.

2.37 – Texans – S Jalen Pitre – Solid player. The Texans keep building and improving their team. good pick.

2.38 – Falcons – LB Arnold Ebiketie

2.39 – Bears – DB Kyler Gordon

2.40 – Seattle – EDGE Boye Mafe – Another great pick by the Seahawks! They keep building their team instead of drafting a QB. Great news for Lock who I am a big fan of.

2.41 – Seattle – RB Kenneth Walker – Beast! he is going to run down field an hit people. Might even be the best RB in the draft when everything is said and done, even though some people preferred Hall.

2.42 – Colts – TRADE – Vikings – DB Andrew Booth Jr – I would have thought that he goes in the first round but drops because of his injury. Good pick for them.

2.43 – Giants – WR Wan’dale Robinson

2.44 – Texans – WR John Metchie III – Good WR but was off my board because of the ACL.

2.45 – Ravens – EDGE David Ojabo – good player, would have probably been 1st round if he hadn’t been injured.

2.46 – Lions – DE Josh Pascal

2.47 – Commanders – DT Phidarian Mathis

2.48 – Bears – S Jaquan Brisker

2.49 – Saints – CB Alontae Taylor

2.50 – Chiefs – Trade – Patriots – WR Tyquan Thorton

2.51 – Eagles – C Cam Jurgens – All I remember about this guy from the combine is that he makes his own beef jerky. Good player though.

2.52 – me – DT Travis Jones – I have plenty of my receivers still on the board, I still have a bunch of my LBs on the board, but only one DT. My choice is easy.

2.52 – Steelers – WR George Pickens – One of my guys goes off the the board. Great hands. I hope he doesn’t start a run on receivers.

2.53 – Colts – WR Alec Pierce – ANOTHER one of my receivers goes off the board. Maybe I should have gone for one of my receivers with the last pick. I hope Skyy Moore lasts until 57.

2.54 – Chiefs – WR Skyy Moore – My third WR goes off the board!!!! to have all three go in a row is really disappointing, especially because in real life Travis Jones and Raimann are still on the board.

2.55 – Cardinals – TE Trey McBride – My only other receiving target goes off the board. I have to laugh so that I don’t start crying.

2.56 – Cowboys – EDGE Sam Williams

2.57 – me – With all my receiving players off the board I have to rethink. I am going to shoot my shot on a player who I didn’t think would be available here and draft… – LB Nakobe Dean – He may be injured and take a bit of time, but I don’t need a starter there straight away and I felt like his upside, instincts and leadership were fantastic. This pick and the fall reminds me of my picks of Hurst and JOK, both of which are still in my team.

2.57 – Buccaneers – OT Luke Goedeke – Raimann’s teammate goes before he does! and I gave up so much draft capital to move up. That may be the biggest mistake of mine. Regardless of whether he is great it means I could have kept my draft capital so that makes it a loss.

2.58 – Falcons – LB Troy Anderson – Outstanding athlete. If he puts it all together he could be very good. Of the LBs I wanted he was only the 3rd option though.

2.59 – Vikings – OG Ed Ingram

2.60 – Bills – TRADE – Bengals – CB Cam Taylor-Britt

2.61 – 49ers – EDGE Drake Jackson

2.62 – Chiefs – S Bryan Cook

2.63 – Bills – RB James Cook – Baby Cook the younger brother of Dalvin Cook. Great player. Has me a bit worried about the usage of Zack Moss.

2.64 – Broncos – EDGE Nik Bonitto – very good player. Could have definitely gone earlier. Great bend and athleticism.

Round 3

3.65 – Jaguars – C Luke Fortner

3.66 – Vikings – LB Brian Asamoah – Great player with huge wingspan which translates really well to the NFL. I was hoping he would drop to me in the third, shame.

3.67 – Giants – G Joshua Ezudu

3.68 – Browns – CB Martin Emerson

3.69 – Titans – OT Nicholas Petit-Frere

3.70 – Jaguars – Chad Muma – my final LB goes off the board. Super instinctive and great at getting past blockers. Good pick.

3.71 – Bears – WR Velus Jones Jr

3.72 – Seahawks – OT Abraham Lucas – another Tackle! Wilson Must be livid. Even if he is picked over Raimann I really like how the Seahawks continue building this team.

3.73 – Colts – TE Jelani Woods

3.74 – Falcons – QB Desmond Ridder – could we see a run on QBs now? I am hoping at this point that Corral lasts to 3.79, because I think he could be an interesting guy.

3.75 – Broncos – TRADE – Texans – LB Christian Harris

3.76 – Ravens – DT Travis Jones – The Ravens select another one of my guys. Great space filler in the middle but also a powerful rusher. Really liking their draft so far.

3.77 – Colts – OT Bernhard Raimann – FINALLY he goes off the board. Can’t wait to see him take over in the league.

3.78 – Browns – DE Alex Wright

3.79 – me – QB Matt Corral – My last prospect for day 2 is still on the board. I don’t have to make much of a decision. I really liked what I say on tape and in his interviews. I don’t want him as a starter, but I feel like he has the potential to do well in the league and might be able to develop into a starter. If Lock stays that starter it gives me a trade object seeing as QBs tend to retain their value.

3.79 – Chargers – S JT Woods

3.80 – Broncos – TE Greg Dulcich – lot’s of people were hyping him up as TE1. Didn’t really find him as impressive.

3.81 – Giants – CB Cordale Flott

3.82 – Falcons – EDGE DeAngelo Malone

3.83 – Eagles – LB Nakobe Dean – he finally goes off the board. A fantastic player going to play behind a strong DLine. I really hope he manages to sort out his injury concerns because he will be a beast.

3.84 – Steelers – DT DeMarvin Leal

3.85 – Patriots – CB Marcus Jones

3.86 – Raiders – TRADE – Titans – QB Malik Willis – He finally goes off the board. He’s going into a great place, not having to go in straight away being behind Tannehill.

3.87 – Cardinals – DE Cameron Thomas

3.88 – Cowboys – WR Jalen Tolbert

3.89 – Bills – LB Terrel Bernard

3.90 – Raiders – OG Dylan Parham

3.91 – Buccaneers – RB Rachaad White

3.92 – Packers – OT Sean Rhyan

3.93 – 49ers – RB Tyrion Davis-Price

3.94 – Patriots – TRADE – Panthers – QB Matt Corral – Let’s Go! Like him going to the Panthers who already have a couple of the players I’ve picked in the past couple of years. He’s twitchy, can run and fire the ball. I think he can beat out Darnold as a starter because he is also a big personality and a clear leader. Things that have made him drop: off field issues, depression and alcohol problems. I hope he manages to sort it.

3.95 – Bengals – DT Zachary Carter

3.96 – Denver – TRADE – Colts – S Nick Cross

3.97 – Lions – S Kerby Joseph

3.98 – Commanders – RB Brian Robinson Jr.

3.99 – Browns – WR David Bell

3.100 – Cardinals – EDGE Myjai Sanders

3.101 – Jets – TE Jeremy Ruckert

3.102 – Dolphins – LB Channing Tindall – Great Athlete, I was looking at him in my pre draft process: explosive.

3.103 – Chiefs – Leo Chenal

3.104 – Rams – OG Logan Bruss

3.105 – 49ers – WR Danny Gray


This is a really weird one. I’m happy with the players I got, but the positions I drafted them and where they went shows that I way overdrafted, especially on Raimann.The biggest miss for me was not getting any of the Receivers or TE that I wanted, but thats fine when I consider my roster, that’s why I walk away from this Day feeling a bit weird.

Grade B- Happy with the players but giving up all that draft capital has to drop me.


There will not be a DAY 3 Preview because it has already started and I want to dive right in, so that I can at least make my DAY 3 selection live. Afterwards I will do a writeup about all the players I have drafted and the UDFAs I would pick up.

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