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2019 NFL UDFAs – Summary

So all of my guys were picked up by teams within 12 hours of the end of the draft. That’s always a good sign. I was most happy about the fact that 2 of the 8 went to the Seahawks.

Here is a quick link to the summaries of each phase of the draft:

2019 NFL Draft Day 1 – Summary

2019 NFL Draft Day 2 – Summary

2019 NFL Draft Day 3 – Summary

And an overview of how I see my free agents:

2019 NFL UDFAs – Projection

So now, here is a quick overview of my free agent class and where they ended up.


Players I Drafted- Who became UDFAs

Overdrafting in the draft is probably a big part when you want certain guys that the other teams just aren’t so high on. Similarly two of my Day 3 selections ended up as free agents in real life. A quick note on these guys:

Oakland Raiders

Alec Ingold (FB) – understandable, the FB position is completely undervalued.

Buffalo Bills

Tyree Jackson (QB) – also understandable, because he has a lot of learning to do and is very unproven at a high level. As a side note,the Bills also picked up an exciting receiver in David Sills.


My UDFAs picked up by the Seahawks

I was super happy that the Seahawks picked up 25% of the free agents I had left over. Bringing my total of correct players to 4.

Jazz Ferguson (WR)

If he puts it all together he can be really special and I am very surprised that no team took a shot on him in the late rounds.

Derrek Thomas (CB)

I was so sure that this guy would be a great fit for the Seahawks and that especially Pete would be excited by such a raw and athletically gifted corner.


My UDFAs picked up by other teams

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs were very keen on my UDFAs picking up over a third of them.

Jamal Custis (WR) – if he manages to sort out the trust in his hands and combines that with his athletic gifts he could be a nightmare.

Gary Johnson (LB) – for a team who covets speed above all else he is an exciting addition.

James Williams (RB) – he was my lowest valued UDFA, so I’m a little surprised that he got picked up so quickly.

Houston Texans

Jamal Davis II (EDGE) – exciting LB/DE hybrid who is like a slightly smaller version of Clowney. Maybe, poor man’s Clowney would be more accurate because he still has a lot of development until he gets to that level.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Kahzin Daniels (EDGE) – The guy that I am most gutted about that the Seahawks didn’t get. Not just because of his story, but because he can ball. The Buccaneers also picked up a very interesting WR in DaMarkus Lodge, who was on my list for a very long time.

Tennessee Titans

Alex Barnes (RB) – good 3rd down back to mix in with their heavy guys in Henry and Lewis.



with the impact that UDFAs can have on a team – look at Baldwin – I think that they are an essential part of the draft. As such I have decided to give myself 5 players who will count into my draft analysis next year – for better or worse. I am choosing the following:

Jazz Ferguson (WR)

Derrek Thomas (CB)

Alex Barnes (RB)

Kahzin Daniels (EDGE)

Jamal Davis II (EDGE)

Basically these are my 4 priority guys plus Jamal Davis II.

Since we do not know exactly who the Seahawks fully picked up I am not evaluating their free agents. I probably will add it to my commentary when I assess their draft in a years time.


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