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Seahawks roster update following Colts preseason game

Following the Colts game, here are some thoughts to how the 53 man roster could look if the season started today: Offence (25) QB (2) Wilson, McGough contrary to what I have read elsewhere, I think McGough played better than Davis and showed some exciting play and movement to keep plays alive. He is very … Continue reading

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seahawks pre draft analysis [part 3] defence/special teams

Which defensive star for the Seahawks wasn’t injured last year? Hard to say, but I will tell you who was: Shermann, Chancellor, Thomas and Avril all missed significant time. Even Wagner and Wright weren’t always fit and Bennett had his most flagged season (i don’t know if that’s true, but it felt like he was … Continue reading

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Seattle’s Draft biggest 2017 Draft miss: Budda Baker

I’m sorry to everyone for this post in advance. It is one written a little bit out of frustration, especially with the developments which may take place after this season. In this post from before 2017’s draft I highlighted 3 players, which I felt the Seahawks should focus on both because of great fit for the … Continue reading